10 Fun Activity Ideas for Toddlers to Do in Resort Rooms!

10 Fun Activity Ideas for Toddlers to Do in Resort Rooms!
Family Vacation in Holiday Inn Bali Family Resorts

We take a trip to explore the world, learn about different cultures, and eat delicious food. Of course, we want to share those experiences with our children. Traveling with your family is an excellent method to teach your children about the world outside their front door. And one of the best destination for family is Bali, with its beautiful beaches, distinct cultures, and wonderful family resorts to stay in. 

However, all travelling parents—no matter the budget and which family resorts they stay in—can agree in one thing: keeping the children happy during a downtime in resort room is a challenge. It’s not easy to keep children contained and satisfied in the room even when you are staying in the most family friendly resorts in Bali. Because sometimes it gets rainy in Bali, or you want some time to just relax after going on trip around the island. So we’ve planned a few activities to do while we’re in the hotel to make your stay more enjoyable, amusing, and complaint-free.

5 Activities woth Things Prepared from Home

Do not go empty handed. If you want the kids to be happy and entertained inside the room, prepare your tools. Here are simple things that can keep kids busy—and wishfully, sit quietly—for few hours. 

Activity Book

Activity Book

For calm morning activities, bring an activity book for each kid to work on. We work on the books in the bathroom for exceptionally early risers.

Dry Erase Markers for Doodle in Mirrors and Glass Windows!

Allow the kids to doodle on the mirrors and windows with dry erase markers. It’s easy to erase as long as you’re using dry erase markers! They can doodle, write, tic tac toe, or sketch hilarious faces on their reflection. But be sure to not leave your children with it without supervision! The last thing you want is dry marker stains in the sheets and carpets. 

Painter’s Tape Play

Bring painter’s tape and urge your children to use it to write their names on the carpet. Allow them to express themselves via art. Make them a tic tac toe game grid or a car track to play on.

Play with Hoverball

Bring a hoverball so the kids may play ball without destroying the lamps in the motel room. These are fantastic since we can all play with them and they won’t shatter any windows.

Family Favourites: Card Packs 

Bring your favorite childhood card games and teach your kids how to play family’s favorite games like Uno, Slapjacks, Spades, Crazy Eights, or even Black-Jacks!

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Play with Whatever Available in the Room of Your Bali Family Resorts

A Hideout Fort!

Family Vacation in Holiday Inn Bali Family Resorts
Family Vacation in Holiday Inn Bali Family Resorts

Make a fort with the extra blanket in the closet and the bedspread by pulling the chairs toward the middle of the room. Add a few bed pillows and you’ve got yourself a wonderful hideaway!

Play with Obstacles

Create an obstacle course with the chairs, tables, trash cans, or even couch cushions. Find out who can jump, hop, crawl under, and crawl over each obstacle the fastest. After that, see who can do it quietly or quickly, or who can do it backwards. Part of the enjoyment for older kids is constructing their own obstacle course. This activity is even more fun if you book a family room in the Bali resort where the space is bigger to move around!

Learn How to Fold Funny Towel from Youtube

Learn How to Fold Funny Towel from Youtube

Open up the Youtube and watch some tutorials on animal towel folding. It’s like origami but with towel! Sometimes family resorts in Bali create hanging monkeys and elephants with the towels—and it never fails to put a smile in kids’ face. So learn to do it by your own with the kids.

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Dance Party!

Throw a dance party and turn the music up to a reasonable but enjoyable level. Before night, you let my kids jump on the bed and dance to get rid of their craziness. For many parents, this is an extremely special treat that kids only get in vacation!

Play in the Wardrobe

Clear the floor of the wardrobe and send the kids in with your phone set to flashlight mode. Make finger shadow animals on the wall or have them tell ghost stories!