Are There Any Benefits of Volunteering To Your Health?

Are There Any Benefits of Volunteering To Your Health

Volunteering can be in many forms. You can volunteer to help a small community within your neighborhood. Or you can go as far as helping people outside of your own country. For example, volunteering yourself to teach kids in underdeveloped countries. Many people suggest that you volunteer when you are young. However, you can volunteer anytime whether when you are still young or when you have become older adults. 

Benefits of volunteering for health in general

Volunteering can help many other people who are in need. However, there have been many researches that showed how volunteering offers many health benefits. Here are some of the benefits to motivate you to volunteer more:

Improves your health physically and mentally

Your health is very important for you to keep going. Both physical and mental health are just as important. Older adults who do volunteering works can get benefits to their health mentally and physically. Volunteering can help lower the risk of depression and anxiety, especially for older people. Volunteering increases positive energy and relaxed feelings, making you feel happier, and more accomplished. Also, volunteering can help making you staying active. Hence, it helps lower the risk of heart diseases, stroke, and general illnesses. 

Builds new relationship

Builds new relationship

Volunteering allows you more chance to interact with people who are new to your life. As we all know that connecting with new interesting people can help fight depression and manage stress. You don’t know them but you are willing to volunteer. Also, you are not only building new relationship with the people you help but also with other fellow volunteers. Volunteering can help expand your social networks. You will also learn more about diversity, tolerance, and respect. 

Nurtures existing relationship

By volunteering, you learn a lot how to understand others even if they are strangers to you. It helps a lot in making you more patient and understanding with the people that have been in your life. Nurturing existing relationship can also help manage your mental health. Volunteering together with the people you already knew can build a sense of belonging and camaraderie. 

Provides a sense purpose

When you volunteer, you build a sense of purpose. You know what goal you want to need by volunteering. You know why you want to help the others. You also learn what to learn to find something meaningful not only for your life and other’s. it is especially beneficial for older people who often feel like they have lost their purpose in life. It helps them increase their self esteem and lower their anxiety and depression. 

Teaches valuable skills

Volunteering teaches valuable skills because most of the times, you help others outside of your expertise or knowledge and you keep being active. For example, you learn how to assist a patient, learn how to knit blankets for cancer patients, or even learn how to take care of rescued animals in shelter even when you don’t have any experience at all. You stay active physically and mentally which benefits your health in general. 

10 Fun Activity Ideas for Toddlers to Do in Resort Rooms!

10 Fun Activity Ideas for Toddlers to Do in Resort Rooms!
Family Vacation in Holiday Inn Bali Family Resorts

We take a trip to explore the world, learn about different cultures, and eat delicious food. Of course, we want to share those experiences with our children. Traveling with your family is an excellent method to teach your children about the world outside their front door. And one of the best destination for family is Bali, with its beautiful beaches, distinct cultures, and wonderful family resorts to stay in. 

However, all travelling parents—no matter the budget and which family resorts they stay in—can agree in one thing: keeping the children happy during a downtime in resort room is a challenge. It’s not easy to keep children contained and satisfied in the room even when you are staying in the most family friendly resorts in Bali. Because sometimes it gets rainy in Bali, or you want some time to just relax after going on trip around the island. So we’ve planned a few activities to do while we’re in the hotel to make your stay more enjoyable, amusing, and complaint-free.

5 Activities woth Things Prepared from Home

Do not go empty handed. If you want the kids to be happy and entertained inside the room, prepare your tools. Here are simple things that can keep kids busy—and wishfully, sit quietly—for few hours. 

Activity Book

Activity Book

For calm morning activities, bring an activity book for each kid to work on. We work on the books in the bathroom for exceptionally early risers.

Dry Erase Markers for Doodle in Mirrors and Glass Windows!

Allow the kids to doodle on the mirrors and windows with dry erase markers. It’s easy to erase as long as you’re using dry erase markers! They can doodle, write, tic tac toe, or sketch hilarious faces on their reflection. But be sure to not leave your children with it without supervision! The last thing you want is dry marker stains in the sheets and carpets. 

Painter’s Tape Play

Bring painter’s tape and urge your children to use it to write their names on the carpet. Allow them to express themselves via art. Make them a tic tac toe game grid or a car track to play on.

Play with Hoverball

Bring a hoverball so the kids may play ball without destroying the lamps in the motel room. These are fantastic since we can all play with them and they won’t shatter any windows.

Family Favourites: Card Packs 

Bring your favorite childhood card games and teach your kids how to play family’s favorite games like Uno, Slapjacks, Spades, Crazy Eights, or even Black-Jacks!

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Play with Whatever Available in the Room of Your Bali Family Resorts

A Hideout Fort!

Family Vacation in Holiday Inn Bali Family Resorts
Family Vacation in Holiday Inn Bali Family Resorts

Make a fort with the extra blanket in the closet and the bedspread by pulling the chairs toward the middle of the room. Add a few bed pillows and you’ve got yourself a wonderful hideaway!

Play with Obstacles

Create an obstacle course with the chairs, tables, trash cans, or even couch cushions. Find out who can jump, hop, crawl under, and crawl over each obstacle the fastest. After that, see who can do it quietly or quickly, or who can do it backwards. Part of the enjoyment for older kids is constructing their own obstacle course. This activity is even more fun if you book a family room in the Bali resort where the space is bigger to move around!

Learn How to Fold Funny Towel from Youtube

Learn How to Fold Funny Towel from Youtube

Open up the Youtube and watch some tutorials on animal towel folding. It’s like origami but with towel! Sometimes family resorts in Bali create hanging monkeys and elephants with the towels—and it never fails to put a smile in kids’ face. So learn to do it by your own with the kids.

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Dance Party!

Throw a dance party and turn the music up to a reasonable but enjoyable level. Before night, you let my kids jump on the bed and dance to get rid of their craziness. For many parents, this is an extremely special treat that kids only get in vacation!

Play in the Wardrobe

Clear the floor of the wardrobe and send the kids in with your phone set to flashlight mode. Make finger shadow animals on the wall or have them tell ghost stories!

How To Bike Safely To Avoid Accident Or Injury

How To Bike Safely To Avoid Accident Or Injury

Biking or cycling is fun activity to do whether or not you are a sport lover. There are many positive impacts of regular biking to your health. Biking for 30 minutes can help lower the risk of heart disease and cancer. This activity is fun for everyone regardless of age and gender. However, biking carries its own risk. You might get involved in accident if you are not prepared enough before biking. So here are some useful tips to bike safely and get the most of the benefits:

Wear the right clothes

Biking requires active body movement. Hence, you need clothes that will allow your body to move freely without feeling too restricted. There are suits specifically for sport activities. These types of suit are not only comfortable for extreme activities but also can help absorb sweats better than regular clothes. Avoid wearing loose pants to prevent getting tangled with your bike that can cause accident or injury. 

Check your bike

It is important to always check your bike at least once or twice a week if you bike regularly. to make sure there is nothing wrong with it that can cause any malfunction or accident. Make sure every part of your bike function properly. Also, adjust the seat accordingly so you can bike more comfortably and avoid getting your back injured. 

Wear shoes

Avoid wearing sandals because they are not supporting enough for your foot to pedal your bike. They are not meant for sport activity like this. Biking requires constant pedaling by your foot so make sure to wear shoes that are supporting to you ankles as well as your sole. By wearing the right shoes, you will bike more comfortably without the risk of injuring your foot or back. 

Do not forget safety gears

Do not forget safety gears

It is a must for every cyclist to prepare and wear necessary safety gears including helmet, gloves, reflectors and lights, protective glasses, mirrors, and bike kit. Keep in mind that regardless of your cycling path, there is always a risk of accident or getting injured. By having those safety gears ready, they can help fix issues that potentially harm your safety. 

Bring your logistics

For biking, at least you need to bring your water to keep yourself hydrated. If you bike for only 30 minutes, water will be enough to keep you energized. However, you may need more than just  a bottle of water if you plan to do it longer. It is better if you bring your own snacks such as protein bars or any other healthy snacks you prefer. 

Follow traffic rules

It is a must to follow traffic rules during biking not only for the sake of your own safety but also for other’s. use only the tracks that are meant for cyclists. Also, it is important that you know hand signal to sign other people while on the road. Also, make sure that you have a bell on your bike so you can ring it to warn pedestrians or drivers. 

Plan A Family Christmas Holiday in A Luxury 5 Bedroom Villa Seminyak

Plan A Family Christmas Holiday in A Luxury 5 Bedroom Villa Seminyak
Image source: Instagram/@andrewbali

Who says that Christmas need to be snowy and white? Try Christmas in the tropics. When you might be enjoying a tropical island vacation in Bali – at least once in a while – there’s no reason to celebrate the festive seasons in this island, too. Especially as now vaccinated tourists from the overseas can go visit Bali for the holidays in the end of 2021. Main tourist hub like Seminyak get busy around Christmas. And without snow to shovel and train delayed from snowstorm, staying in Seminyak Bali for the holidays will  make you forget about scarves, gloves, and clingy sweaters. Instead, pack your bikinis, flip-flops, and sunglasses for a warm vacation. Now, try to take your family for a relaxing luxury 5 bedroom villa in Seminyak to celebrate the magic of the holiday season! Here are the top five reasons to spend the holidays in Seminyak. 

Celebrate in A Fully-Decorated Villa Seminyak

Stay in Christmas-decorated Seminyak vacation rental when you visit Bali over the holiday season! These gorgeous villas have a Christmas tree, twinkling lights, and other festive decorations to get you in the mood for the holidays! Find villas from all sizes to fit your needs, whether you’re planning a romantic break for two or a family holiday!

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Affordable Luxury 5 Bedroom Villa in Seminyak for the Family

Affordable Luxury 5 Bedroom Villa in Seminyak for the Family

With Christmas shopping and other expenses, holidays can be an expensive time of year. During the Christmas season, the reasonably lower rates of villa allow you to enjoy a nice weekend without breaking the bank! If you’re on a tight budget and bring a large family with you, you might want to look into this luxurious five bedroom villa in Seminyak with private pool for the Christmas holiday. 

Hotels raise their rates throughout different months of the year, particularly during the Christmas season. This is why it is vital that you remove that unnecessary burden from your wallet and go for vacation rentals for a cost-effective vacation.

Kitchens with Everything You Need

Another reason to spend the holidays in Seminyak villas is to take advantage of our fully outfitted kitchens. After all, one of the most enjoyable aspects of the holidays is gathering your family for a nice meal! Most villas in Bali include a stove, refrigerator, and microwave, as well as all of the conveniences of your own kitchen at home. All you need to bring is your shopping supplies, which you can easily get at the surrounding grocery stores!

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A Homely Christmas Experience in Bali

A Homely Christmas Experience in Bali

Most of us yearn for the warmth and beauty of our homes over the holidays. But who says a holiday and a sense of home can’t be combined? While traditional hotels may not be able to provide you with what you require, a vacation rental may be the best and most convenient option. You receive a home-like feel coupled with all the comfort and necessary amenities that come with a hotel stay when you stay in a vacation rental. So why should you book a basic hotel for your Christmas vacation? With holiday rentals, go for something different.

A Relaxing Space for the Family

Isn’t it true that Christmas is all about family and the love they share? Vacation rentals give you the opportunity to reconnect with your family while still retaining the festive spirit. Vacation rentals are essentially homes that are meant to allow families to stay together and enjoy their vacations without interruptions.

Fun and Smooth Travel with Technology

Fun and Smooth Travel with Technology

Travelling with or without technology is a matter of preference. Some travelers prefer travelling without taking any electronic devices so they can more focus on the trip and nature. However, some prefer taking advanced devices to help the trip goes smoothly. However, technology and travel doesn’t have to be separated. If you want to bring gadgets for your trip then why not. However, many travelers are also confused of what tech gear they are going to use for the trip. They end up packing too many tech gears they don’t even use during the trip.

Taking tech gear to your trip

When it comes to packing tech gear for the trip, it is important to know what works and what doesn’t. so, you will end up only bring the ones you need. What’s the use of taking a laptop if you end up accomplishing many tasks with your smartphone.

Laptop is tech gear you can consider because it will be easier to stay connected with others or accomplish many work-related tasks. You can also use your laptop as a backup for saving photos you took during exploring the places. However, you might want to consider factors such as size, battery life, and storage space. It is better to take lighter laptop with long battery life ans large storage space for a trip.

If laptop is not too practical to take for a trip, you can consider a tablet. It has lighter weight, smaller size, and longer battery-life than laptop. Tablet is easy to carry around even when you are exploring different places. You can also use it for entertainment during the trip such as reading web-pages, checking emails, watching videos, etc.

Smartphone is consider essential tech gear not only for travel but for life in general. The majority of people living in big city own smartphone. It is like an ‘it’ gadget you cannot live without. It is lightweight, multiuse, and have so may different apps to use. You can use smartphone to make a phone call, video call, pay transactions, look for a location through digital map, and more. However, connection is often the most common issue when taking smartphone with you for a trip. Thus, you can switch to a local cell company when reaching your destination.

You can also take various backups for your trip such as data backup in a form of flash disk, hard disk, or microSD. Those can be your lifesaver when your tech gears are running out of data storage. So you don’t have to remove other files to save more. Also, it is recommended to consider taking universal power adapter and a small power bar if you plan to bring various tech gears with you for the trip. This way, you can charge all your tech gears at the same time. Besides, universal power adapter and small power bar are lightweight and compact so they don’t take too much space or add more weight to your luggage.

Papua Diving: The Incredible Sea Critters and Where to Find!

The West Papua is the ultimate travel destination for anyone seeking deep blue waters that shimmer along white sandy beaches with various marine creatures to explore underwater. Beneath the West Papua azure waters, there is an underwater world spectacular with their life. With its colorful fishes, diverse coral reefs, manta rays, whale sharks, and sites suitable for divers of all abilities, The Island delivers breathtaking experiences below and above the waves. With the beautiful sea critters, a dive holiday is a must. Papua Diving makes for an unforgettable experience that you should put on the diving bucket list! Below are some of the incredible sea critters you can spot in these waters and information on which area you can find them!

Papua Diving

Papua Diving to see Reef Manta Ray!

Reef Manta Rays are, by far, one of the most famous attractions for Papua Diving. It’s no wonder that so many divers from all over the world head to West Papua to experience encounters with these majestic sea critters. So, where is the best site to see manta rays? Visit Manta Sandy for the best dive site to see manta rays. There are numbers of giant reef manta rays; some of the mantas have wingspans over 5m, wait above large coral heads to be cleaned by the wrasses. The perfect time to visit around October to April.

Long Beaked Spinner Dolphin

You can find the spinner dolphin throughout the tropical waters of the world. The dolphins derive their name from their habit of leaping from the water and warping their bodies into curves or spinning lengthwise before splashing back. You can find the spinner dolphin throughout the tropical waters of the world. The dolphins derive their name from the habit of leaping out of the water. They are warping their bodies into curves. These dolphins are known for twisting lengthwise jumps. In West Papua, the dolphins are typically shy of the boat. If you are lucky, you have the chance to see a group of dolphins approach your boat to bow ride. It will happen, mainly if you are in a traditional boat.

Papua Diving

Papua Diving with Sharks

West Papua is an ideal habitat for many sharks; there are blacktip, grey reef sharks, and white tips. You can find this species at the tip of the Blue Magic. They are usually swimming against the current, and they can stay with you for the whole dive. Other famous dive sites for sharks are Cape Kri, Mayhem, Sardine Reef, Chicken Reef, Melissa’s Garden, and Mayhem. You can also find Wobbegongs here, but sometimes they are challenging to spot or find. They are usually lying alone in caves or on top of corals. Once you see the wobbegongs, it perfects to capture the pictures! 


Dugong is one of the living species of Sirenia that is still alive. They are gentle and shy marine mammals. The size of the dugong’s population in West Papua is unknown. You can find Dugong on Birie Island because they feed mainly in seagrass around this island. This place is one of the famous dive sites for Dugong spotting.

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Sea Horses

There are also a vast number of seahorses that are endemic to West Papua. You have the chance to enjoy the beautiful seahorses. Therefore, you can find up to three different types of these seahorses: Bargibanti, Denise, and Pontohi.

Road Travelling Safely and Smoothly With Your Dog

Road Travelling Safely and Smoothly With Your Dog

Road travelling can be a stress-relieving activity. You can do it solo or with your travel buddy such as friend, sibling, or even your pet. Dog is one of the most loyal animals people choose as a companion in their lives. If you have a dog and you want to include it in your road trip plan then why not. However, it is important to make proper plan and preparation prior the trip because you have to make sure that your dog will be comfortable and safe throughout the trip.

Safely road trip with your dog

Safety should be the main priority for your own and your dog’s. Your dog should stay sit comfortably without being restrained a lot. You can opt for a harness made for dog. It is usually clipped in a leash for walks or use to your dog to the seat just like a seatbelt for human. Hence, it won’t suddenly crawl on your lap while you are driving.

Take safety precaution by making your dog more identifiable for the road trip. For example, you can put the tag on containing your dog’s up-to-date identification and information. You may see it as going extra but it is necessary precaution just in case.

Prepare your dog’s vaccination document and health record and bring them with you to the road trip. You may need it for when you have to board your dog, cross state lines, or visit a veterinarian during the trip. The documents will come in handy during these possible situations.

A road trip usually requires you to load various gears and items you are going to need. However, don’t get your car overloaded and save comfortable and safe space for your dog. Do not put your dog in between boxes or luggage because it can make your dog uncomfortable.

Be mindful with the windows and doors during the trip. Do not let your dog stick out its head out of the window. It may look cute just like in a movie. However, it can be dangerous for your dog. The flying bugs might get into your dog’s eyes, the wind might struck them too strongly, and many more possible bad scenarios you don’t want to happen.

Pack the essentials not only for you but also for your dog. Bring comfort items your dog loves such as blanket, pillow, stuffed animal, or chewed toys. Also, don’t forget their treats and foods. You can also pack a foldable crate for your dog to rest if you stay in the hotel and don’t know how your dog will handle it.

Road travelling with your dog will require frequent stops because dogs need to relieve themselves quite often. Let your dog sniff around, stretch its legs. It can be a wonderful time for you during the stops cause you can also stretch, drink water, or have some snacks. Also be a responsible pet owner and clean after the mess of your own dog.

5 Reasons Why Going on a Liveaboard Indonesia In Benefits Your Health

Liveaboard Indonesia

Are you planning a liveaboard trip to Raja Ampat for your next vacation and sail into the sunset? It sounds like a perfect trip for you! We all already know that Liveaboard Indonesia is the perfect way to unwind, relax, and see some more of the world. Why are liveaboards perfect for your trip? There’s really no better time than now to take a liveaboard trip as it truly is one of the best vacation values for your money. You’ll be pampered the whole days you’re on board and surrounded by the gorgeous blue crystal of Raja Ampat ocean. But, did you know that there are also health benefits to taking a liveaboard once in a lifetime?

Some fresh air and Vitamin D

There’s nothing better than lying out by the main deck on a boat and catching some sunshine. Sunshine provides Vitamin D that affects your healthy bones and is medically proven to improve your mood all day. Furthermore, the benefits of sunshine help lower blood pressure, boost immunity, lower blood pressure, reduces cancer risk, and can even cure depression. However, some of us spend the bulk of our entire days in the office, in the house and on the commute. So, Liveaboard Indonesia trip is all you need now. There’s nothing great for your health than feeling happy on a trip!

Having a quality time in Liveaboard Indonesia

One of the main reasons contributing to your happiness in life relates to your social life. Liveaboard Indonesia is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your friends and family. Whether planning a liveaboard to celebrate a special day, anniversary, honeymoon or even a birthday. The quality time spent catching up while out on a boat adventure will surely generate some great bonding. This trip might be exactly what you need to take a perfect break and catch up with the one you love the most.

Connect with the beauty nature of Raja Ampat

The Island of Raja Ampat is one of the most sought-after destinations for trips, for its stunning beauty of nature. Be it adventure lovers looking for amazing water activities or nature lovers who want to get a slice of the hidden tropical paradise. Find yourself in connection with the natural beauty world on a boat. Sail to the beautiful island, explore the lush rainforests, turquoise waters and rich biodiversity of Raja Ampat.

Staying active on Liveaboard Indonesia!

Staying active are some of the best aspects of any liveaboard adventure.  In fact, staying active is a serious contributor to your health of mind and body. From sailing trips to snorkeling, swimming, diving, hiking and kayaking. This trip is definitely a leisure activity that will keep you active and fun.

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It’s time to unplug!

When you head out over the sea, it’s the perfect excuse to unplug your phone even if it’s just for a few days. It’s the best time to focus on other things in your life, including quality time with family on a boat!

Precautions If You Plan A Family Visit During Holidays

Precautions If You Plan A Family Visit During Holidays

It is understandable that you have the urge to see your family after the quarantine, lockdown, and social distancing rules. However, travel to visit a family seems risky even if the situation in some places are getting better. There is always wariness and fear of getting your family members sick. However, even the experts often difficult to determine the category of safe and unsafe. Instead, it is better to focus on minimizing the risk for yourself, for your loved ones especially those whose existing health can put them at serious risk.

Planning a family visit

Before travelling to visit a family over holidays, it is important to have a conversation to discuss the technicality of the travel itself, what kind of precaution should be made, and more. Travelling by plane or train has the highest risk level. Virtual visit and staying at home has the lowest risk. Meanwhile, the middle spectrum is to drive to the destination and make a masked visit. It is even better if everyone can get tested before.

Minimizing the risk while visiting family over holidays can be done by:

It is better if everyone who are going to join family visit quarantine two weeks prior to the trip. It can help reducing the risks. If during the quarantine, there is someone showing the symptoms, or just generally feeling under the weather, be flexible to cancel the plan for everyone’s safety. Quarantine is also a strongly suggested after return from the family visit. You can also get everyone get tested to make sure there is no virus picked up during the trip.

Wearing mask consistently and washing hand regularly. Even if you drive your own car to visit your family over holidays, it is still a must to follow new guidelines such as wearing mask, washing hand, practising social distancing to minimize interaction with others, no touching surfaces, no stopping especially in crowd places, etc. It is important that you make everyone who will join the trip understand the guidelines and follow them.

It is better to opt for a drive instead of flying. If you still have to stop at the gas station for a toilet break, make sure to stay six feet apart from the others when there is a line. It is suggested to pack your own foods and drinks from home so you don’t have to stop at restaurants or stores to fill everyone’s stomach. Keep in mind that public places have the highest exposure to the virus.

Arriving at the destination, make sure to not make any physical contact. Get everyone washed thoroughly by washing hands or taking a shower. It is best to remove all germs or virus picked up from the trip. You can add more precautions to minimize risks. Ultimately, staying home and stay socially-distanced is the best option for this holiday season. If you don’t really have to travel, it’s better to stay home. Hopefully, there will be more family holidays together we can have in the future.

What You Can Do in Cendrawasih Bay

Cendrawasih Bay

Cendrawasih Bay is located on the east side of West Papua’s Bird’s Head Peninsula. This Bay is home to Indonesia’s largest marine park; the area offers mist- topped limestone cliffs, stunning tropical rain forests, and some of the best corals on the planet. Recognizing the importance of the Bay, in 2002 the provincial government and Conservation International determined Taman Nasional Teluk Cenderawasih as the most significant marine protected area in Indonesia. There are 200 species of fish and a variety of marine life populates the various types of coral reefs here, like barrier-reefs, and shallow water reef mounds. If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing the world’s most giant shark, there’s no better place than the remote this Bay! Elsewhere around the world, whale sharks come into sight usually on seasonal migratory routes but in this Bay, the sharks are always there all year round.

How to reach Cendrawasih Bay?

Trip to Cendrawasih Bay, you can fly from Jakarta, North Sulawesi and Bali to the airport at Biak or Manokwari of West Papua. The Bay is a liveaboard destination only. The perfect recommend an option to visit the place by joining Papua diving liveaboard with Hello Papua. Once you are on board, let your fantastic voyage to relation begin!

When to go?

Mostly, West Papua has two distinct rainy seasons, in July or August and in November or December. But, diving is allowed here all year round, however most liveaboards trip offer between June to October. You could enjoy cruising in calm seas, with only some rain showers warm, on sunny days. While water temperatures in this area between 27-30C. The best liveaboard and diving trip season coincides with the cooler months. Remember, that cold water can often mean you can see more big fish like sharks and trevally.

Cendrawasih Bay

Best Dive Site in Cendrawasih Bay

Kwatisore Bay

Without question, the highlight attraction in this Bay is swimming with the whale sharks of Kwatisore on the southern coastline. Kwatisore Bay has become a unique resident location for the gentle whale shark. Therefore, they can be seen hanging around almost every day throughout the year, and up to ten species can be encountered here!


This Bay was used as a harbour by the Japanese fleet during WWII in the past. At this time, you can see all sorts of military memorabilia spread across the Bay. You also can see a good number of wrecks in the Manokwari area, like off Masinam Island, the 390ft Shinwa Maru, and a P40 Tomahawk fighter plane. All of these wrecks and artificial reefs are now home to all sorts of creatures, as well as grouper, moray eels, and other crevice-loving species.

Roon Island

Roon Island offers a remarkable array of exotic adventures; it is located on the northwest. You can find deserted beaches and untouched coves. Here you can see a group of fusiliers, occasional reef shark and barracuda. 

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