Precautions If You Plan A Family Visit During Holidays

Precautions If You Plan A Family Visit During Holidays

It is understandable that you have the urge to see your family after the quarantine, lockdown, and social distancing rules. However, travel to visit a family seems risky even if the situation in some places are getting better. There is always wariness and fear of getting your family members sick. However, even the experts often difficult to determine the category of safe and unsafe. Instead, it is better to focus on minimizing the risk for yourself, for your loved ones especially those whose existing health can put them at serious risk.

Planning a family visit

Before travelling to visit a family over holidays, it is important to have a conversation to discuss the technicality of the travel itself, what kind of precaution should be made, and more. Travelling by plane or train has the highest risk level. Virtual visit and staying at home has the lowest risk. Meanwhile, the middle spectrum is to drive to the destination and make a masked visit. It is even better if everyone can get tested before.

Minimizing the risk while visiting family over holidays can be done by:

It is better if everyone who are going to join family visit quarantine two weeks prior to the trip. It can help reducing the risks. If during the quarantine, there is someone showing the symptoms, or just generally feeling under the weather, be flexible to cancel the plan for everyone’s safety. Quarantine is also a strongly suggested after return from the family visit. You can also get everyone get tested to make sure there is no virus picked up during the trip.

Wearing mask consistently and washing hand regularly. Even if you drive your own car to visit your family over holidays, it is still a must to follow new guidelines such as wearing mask, washing hand, practising social distancing to minimize interaction with others, no touching surfaces, no stopping especially in crowd places, etc. It is important that you make everyone who will join the trip understand the guidelines and follow them.

It is better to opt for a drive instead of flying. If you still have to stop at the gas station for a toilet break, make sure to stay six feet apart from the others when there is a line. It is suggested to pack your own foods and drinks from home so you don’t have to stop at restaurants or stores to fill everyone’s stomach. Keep in mind that public places have the highest exposure to the virus.

Arriving at the destination, make sure to not make any physical contact. Get everyone washed thoroughly by washing hands or taking a shower. It is best to remove all germs or virus picked up from the trip. You can add more precautions to minimize risks. Ultimately, staying home and stay socially-distanced is the best option for this holiday season. If you don’t really have to travel, it’s better to stay home. Hopefully, there will be more family holidays together we can have in the future.