How To Bike Safely To Avoid Accident Or Injury

How To Bike Safely To Avoid Accident Or Injury

Biking or cycling is fun activity to do whether or not you are a sport lover. There are many positive impacts of regular biking to your health. Biking for 30 minutes can help lower the risk of heart disease and cancer. This activity is fun for everyone regardless of age and gender. However, biking carries its own risk. You might get involved in accident if you are not prepared enough before biking. So here are some useful tips to bike safely and get the most of the benefits:

Wear the right clothes

Biking requires active body movement. Hence, you need clothes that will allow your body to move freely without feeling too restricted. There are suits specifically for sport activities. These types of suit are not only comfortable for extreme activities but also can help absorb sweats better than regular clothes. Avoid wearing loose pants to prevent getting tangled with your bike that can cause accident or injury. 

Check your bike

It is important to always check your bike at least once or twice a week if you bike regularly. to make sure there is nothing wrong with it that can cause any malfunction or accident. Make sure every part of your bike function properly. Also, adjust the seat accordingly so you can bike more comfortably and avoid getting your back injured. 

Wear shoes

Avoid wearing sandals because they are not supporting enough for your foot to pedal your bike. They are not meant for sport activity like this. Biking requires constant pedaling by your foot so make sure to wear shoes that are supporting to you ankles as well as your sole. By wearing the right shoes, you will bike more comfortably without the risk of injuring your foot or back. 

Do not forget safety gears

Do not forget safety gears

It is a must for every cyclist to prepare and wear necessary safety gears including helmet, gloves, reflectors and lights, protective glasses, mirrors, and bike kit. Keep in mind that regardless of your cycling path, there is always a risk of accident or getting injured. By having those safety gears ready, they can help fix issues that potentially harm your safety. 

Bring your logistics

For biking, at least you need to bring your water to keep yourself hydrated. If you bike for only 30 minutes, water will be enough to keep you energized. However, you may need more than just  a bottle of water if you plan to do it longer. It is better if you bring your own snacks such as protein bars or any other healthy snacks you prefer. 

Follow traffic rules

It is a must to follow traffic rules during biking not only for the sake of your own safety but also for other’s. use only the tracks that are meant for cyclists. Also, it is important that you know hand signal to sign other people while on the road. Also, make sure that you have a bell on your bike so you can ring it to warn pedestrians or drivers.