Road Travelling Safely and Smoothly With Your Dog

Road Travelling Safely and Smoothly With Your Dog

Road travelling can be a stress-relieving activity. You can do it solo or with your travel buddy such as friend, sibling, or even your pet. Dog is one of the most loyal animals people choose as a companion in their lives. If you have a dog and you want to include it in your road trip plan then why not. However, it is important to make proper plan and preparation prior the trip because you have to make sure that your dog will be comfortable and safe throughout the trip.

Safely road trip with your dog

Safety should be the main priority for your own and your dog’s. Your dog should stay sit comfortably without being restrained a lot. You can opt for a harness made for dog. It is usually clipped in a leash for walks or use to your dog to the seat just like a seatbelt for human. Hence, it won’t suddenly crawl on your lap while you are driving.

Take safety precaution by making your dog more identifiable for the road trip. For example, you can put the tag on containing your dog’s up-to-date identification and information. You may see it as going extra but it is necessary precaution just in case.

Prepare your dog’s vaccination document and health record and bring them with you to the road trip. You may need it for when you have to board your dog, cross state lines, or visit a veterinarian during the trip. The documents will come in handy during these possible situations.

A road trip usually requires you to load various gears and items you are going to need. However, don’t get your car overloaded and save comfortable and safe space for your dog. Do not put your dog in between boxes or luggage because it can make your dog uncomfortable.

Be mindful with the windows and doors during the trip. Do not let your dog stick out its head out of the window. It may look cute just like in a movie. However, it can be dangerous for your dog. The flying bugs might get into your dog’s eyes, the wind might struck them too strongly, and many more possible bad scenarios you don’t want to happen.

Pack the essentials not only for you but also for your dog. Bring comfort items your dog loves such as blanket, pillow, stuffed animal, or chewed toys. Also, don’t forget their treats and foods. You can also pack a foldable crate for your dog to rest if you stay in the hotel and don’t know how your dog will handle it.

Road travelling with your dog will require frequent stops because dogs need to relieve themselves quite often. Let your dog sniff around, stretch its legs. It can be a wonderful time for you during the stops cause you can also stretch, drink water, or have some snacks. Also be a responsible pet owner and clean after the mess of your own dog.