Papua Diving: The Incredible Sea Critters and Where to Find!

The West Papua is the ultimate travel destination for anyone seeking deep blue waters that shimmer along white sandy beaches with various marine creatures to explore underwater. Beneath the West Papua azure waters, there is an underwater world spectacular with their life. With its colorful fishes, diverse coral reefs, manta rays, whale sharks, and sites suitable for divers of all abilities, The Island delivers breathtaking experiences below and above the waves. With the beautiful sea critters, a dive holiday is a must. Papua Diving makes for an unforgettable experience that you should put on the diving bucket list! Below are some of the incredible sea critters you can spot in these waters and information on which area you can find them!

Papua Diving

Papua Diving to see Reef Manta Ray!

Reef Manta Rays are, by far, one of the most famous attractions for Papua Diving. It’s no wonder that so many divers from all over the world head to West Papua to experience encounters with these majestic sea critters. So, where is the best site to see manta rays? Visit Manta Sandy for the best dive site to see manta rays. There are numbers of giant reef manta rays; some of the mantas have wingspans over 5m, wait above large coral heads to be cleaned by the wrasses. The perfect time to visit around October to April.

Long Beaked Spinner Dolphin

You can find the spinner dolphin throughout the tropical waters of the world. The dolphins derive their name from their habit of leaping from the water and warping their bodies into curves or spinning lengthwise before splashing back. You can find the spinner dolphin throughout the tropical waters of the world. The dolphins derive their name from the habit of leaping out of the water. They are warping their bodies into curves. These dolphins are known for twisting lengthwise jumps. In West Papua, the dolphins are typically shy of the boat. If you are lucky, you have the chance to see a group of dolphins approach your boat to bow ride. It will happen, mainly if you are in a traditional boat.

Papua Diving

Papua Diving with Sharks

West Papua is an ideal habitat for many sharks; there are blacktip, grey reef sharks, and white tips. You can find this species at the tip of the Blue Magic. They are usually swimming against the current, and they can stay with you for the whole dive. Other famous dive sites for sharks are Cape Kri, Mayhem, Sardine Reef, Chicken Reef, Melissa’s Garden, and Mayhem. You can also find Wobbegongs here, but sometimes they are challenging to spot or find. They are usually lying alone in caves or on top of corals. Once you see the wobbegongs, it perfects to capture the pictures! 


Dugong is one of the living species of Sirenia that is still alive. They are gentle and shy marine mammals. The size of the dugong’s population in West Papua is unknown. You can find Dugong on Birie Island because they feed mainly in seagrass around this island. This place is one of the famous dive sites for Dugong spotting.

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Sea Horses

There are also a vast number of seahorses that are endemic to West Papua. You have the chance to enjoy the beautiful seahorses. Therefore, you can find up to three different types of these seahorses: Bargibanti, Denise, and Pontohi.