What Are the Women’s Traveling Problem?

In a traveling topic, it is good to talk about women’s traveling problems.  Compared to men, women are arguably more complicated when they want to prepare a trip. Well, even though not all women make their journey complicated like that, but most experience it. Not to mention, there are some basic things that often make a woman’s trip to feel more difficult than what is usually done by men.

What Are the Women’s Traveling Problem?

Well, for you women out there who often do traveling. Certainly, you have experienced eight of these problems when traveling. And of course, only women can understand that. What’s the problem? Let’s look at the following interesting reviews!

Being Confused about Bringing Clothes that She Likes

In contrast to men who are more indifferent in terms of dress, women cannot behave that way. Even if you do traveling once, women will still think of their fashion styles from top to bottom. All must look matching. Otherwise, their mood will definitely be bad.

Easy to Stray

Although this sounds annoying, women are more often stray than men. This certainly does not apply to all women, because some also have a sharp photographic memory

Getting a Scary Look from Foreigners

All female travelers must have experienced this unpleasant event. Yes, this is understandable because women are often seen as weak, who cannot take care of themselves. So that they are easily subjected to the dishonorable behavior of the foreigners they meet.

Being Confused about What the Best Way to Pack a Bra Is

When a woman has spent a lot of money to buy expensive underwear, of course, she will not have the heart to have to destroy it in a suitcase. Well, this problem is often experienced by women when they have to pack underwear in a suitcase, especially for bras.

Entering the Public Toilet

Men certainly don’t have a problem with this, but on the contrary, women hate it very much. In addition to the fact that the cleanliness of public toilets is not very well maintained, women are also more susceptible to contracting the disease when in such a place. So, do not be surprised if the activity of voiding in public toilets is the most unpleasant moment that women want to avoid.

Getting Menstruation

Be thankful for men, because you never experienced it. Menstruation will be a frightening specter for women, especially when they are traveling. In addition to their moods due to hormonal problems, the cramps that appear during menstruation will make them feel uncomfortable.

Spending a Lot of Money on Shopping

When on vacation to a place, women will be easier tempted to buy things that are actually not so important. They also really don’t really need it, but because they feel dark eyes. They finally spent more money to buy these items. And this is often regretted by women when they return from vacation.

Being Fear of Damaged Skin

Some women also worry about the condition of their skin which is more vulnerable to damage during traveling. This does not sound important to men, but women pay great attention to this. Therefore, while traveling, women still take the time to apply moisturizing body and face creams that can protect their skin from damage caused by exposure to sunlight and dust.

Here are the eight women’s traveling problems that basically can only be understood by women. Have you ever experienced it?

Amazing Tourist Destinations in Ukraine

Traveling to Ukraine – Are you preparing to have a vacation in Ukraine? Ukraine is the largest country in Europe, but the population here is not as much as in Germany or France. However, when it comes to tourist destinations, Ukraine is not less good than those 2 popular countries. Here are the amazing tourist spots that you can visit when you are traveling to Ukraine.

Amazing Tourist Destinations in Ukraine

Marble Arch Caves

The first tourist destination you should visit in Ukraine is Marble Arch Caves. Marble Arch Caves is located in Crimea and becomes one of the most visited tourist destinations in Ukraine. It is also included as the most popular cave in Europe. The reason why you should not miss visiting this cave is because the Marble Arch Caves is one of 7 natural wonders in Ukraine. Speleologists also stated that this cave is one of 5 most beautiful caves on Earth. So, you must witness the beauty of this cave by yourself when you are visiting Ukraine.

St. Sophia Cathedral

As the oldest church in Kiev, you surely should visit St. Sophia Cathedral. Built in 1037, this cathedral is one of the most popular landmarks in the city. So that it is not surprising that this tourist spot is included in UNESCO world heritage along with the Kiev Cave Monastery area. Not only the main building that is breathtaking, but the bell tower and House of Metropolitan are the most important things in this building. St. Sophia Cathedral is opened on Friday to Wednesday, which means it is closed on Thursday. It opens from 10 AM to 6 PM.


Another one of 7 natural wonders in Ukraine is Askania-Nova. This nature preserve is located in Kherson Oblast. This tourist attraction consists of open steppes, botanical gardens and zoological gardens which will certainly add to the excitement of vacationing in Ukraine. Here, you will be able to see a lot of various animals. So, this tourist destination is suitable to be visited with your family and kids.

Svityaz Lake

You should not also miss visiting Svityaz Lake when you are traveling to Ukraine. Svityaz Lake is the deepest lake in Ukraine with 58,4 meters at its maximum depth. This lake is also the second largest lake in Ukraine. You are able to go to Shatsky National Park to enjoy the beautiful view of Svityaz Lake. Because this lake is located in that national park area. The water in this lake will turn warm during summer. With its clear water, Svityaz Lake is a perfect tourist destination for you who love to explore nature.

Synevyr Lake

Another impressive lake in Ukraine is Synevyr Lake. It is the largest lake in Carpathian Mountain in Ukraine. As a part of Synevyr National Nature Preserve, Synevyr Lake is located near Synevyr Polyana village. The nature preserve was created in 1989, but this lake has been existed since 10.000 years ago. However, fishing, swimming, and camping in this lake are forbidden.

Those are the amazing tourist spots you must visit when you are traveling to Ukraine.

Best Campsites in the World

It is sure that people have their very own personal taste about the type of traveling which they can enjoy the most. We can make sure that there are many people who love to enjoy the traveling package to a specific place which can ease them during their traveling period. Nevertheless, there are some people who love to enjoy a different type of experience when traveling such as by camping. Camping can be escalated further by choosing the right place to camp. There are some best campsites in the world which people can consider for sure.

Best Campsites in the World

Mount Cook National Park (New Zealand)

It is sure that New Zealand can be a paradise for people who love camping. In fact, there are many people who choose to camp although they are not an outdoor person to enjoy the real beauty of the country. There is no question that they want to enjoy the best scenery in New Zealand and they will find it by visiting Mount Cook which is the highest mountain in the country. People can find amazing views which can be enjoyed anytime when they are building a tent on the campground.

Devon (England)

People might think that the United Kingdom is the country which is full of modern things. Nevertheless, they must not forget that there are more things which can be explored in this country. They should go to the southwest of England to find one of the best campsites in the world. They should experience pitching a tent on the Exmoor or Dartmoor campsites. The view of the vistas is unbeatable. People will enjoy the cliffs which are combined with the North Devon or the Atlantic coast. Camping in this place in autumn can give them the best experience since they will be able to enjoy a huge sunset.

Hossa National Park (Finland)

It is not surprising at all that people can find the best national parks in Finland. However, they should make sure that they go to the newest national park in this country which can provide them with one of the best campsites. It is located in the northeast area of the country and it is still considered wild. They can find the landscape of the rugged river along with the spruce forest which has old tree age. The campers will be welcomed with the rustic cabins and the lean-to shelters in the remote area. Of course, it is completed with the campfires to enhance the camping fun further.

Skane (Sweden)

If people think that the best campsites in the world can only be found in the mountain or the forest, they can be wrong. In fact, they should make sure that they go to Skane, Sweden to enjoy the best camping activity in the summer. It is located in the country’s southern part. People will be able to find various great places to camp near the lake, forest, and the beach of Skane. The wild camping in this place must be included in one of the best campsites in the world.